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Beautiful Yet Affordable Engagement Rings

3 Colourful Alternatives to Diamonds

If you would like an eye-catching and unique engagement ring, but do not want to spend the earth, you may wish to consider an alternative to a diamond for your centre stone.

Coloured engagement rings have been growing in popularity for the past few years and now have many admirers in the celebrity world. Halle Berry wears a 4-carat emerald ring, Jessica Simpson a vintage style ruby engagement ring and Carrie Underwood a stunning canary yellow diamond ring, to name just a few.

This article looks at three rather more unusual (and relatively inexpensive) alternatives to the classic white diamond.


amethyst engagement ring

Amethyst is a type of quartz. It comes in a range of shades from light pinkish violet to deepest purple. Its depth of colour makes it a stunning choice for jewelry and, provided it is cut well, it can create a lot of eye-catching sparkle.

Historically, the best amethysts were found in Russia and were valued very highly. Then, at the beginning of the 19th century, large deposits of this gemstone were discovered in South America and its price was significantly reduced. Brazil is the largest exporter of amethyst today.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. In the past, it was believed to bring peace of mind to the wearer, protect against drunkenness and prevent fatal poisoning! This beautiful stone is reasonable hard (mohs hardness of 7.0) and so an amethyst engagement ring should be able to stand up to everyday wear.


Garnet engagement ring

Garnets come in a wide range of colours, in fact, most colours (although blue garnet is exceedingly rare). The most popular and well-known variety is red garnet, which varies in shade from very pale to brick-red to an almost black-red.

Garnets comes from many different areas in the world. They come in large sizes and usually have good clarity so are great gemstones for jewelry making. Red garnets look especially lovely in a vintage style setting of yellow gold.

Garnet is January’s birthstone. It was once believed to stop bleeding and offer protection in health and travel.  It was also said to have alleviate anger and promote tranquility. Another respectably hard gemstone (mohs hardness of 7.0), a garnet engagement ring is a good hard wearing choice.


Topaz engagement ringTopaz comes in a rich rainbow of colours, including a multicoloured varity, known as mystic topaz. The most popular and commonly seen variety is blue topaz, which comes in a lovely range of watery blues. A topaz engagement ring can be a great alternative to a more pricey aquamarine ring.

Topaz is found in many different countries. Interestingly, naturally occurring blue topaz is relatively rare. Colourless, grey and pale yellow varieties are heat treated and irradiated to produce the more sought-after blue colour.

Topaz is December’s birthstone. It was believed to have very strong powers in the Middle Ages, even to protect against the plague. It was also thought to bring patience to the wearer and was a symbol of fidelity and love. Topaz is a hard gemstone (mohs hardness of 8.0) and so is a particularly suitable choice for an engagement ring.


Written by Harriet of, a website dedicated to providing information and inspiration to all those seeking that perfect engagement ring.


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